Present for those who lost their pets

present for pet loss

If your family and friends have lost their pets and are having a hard time, many of you may be thinking if you can support them or give a gift.

In our shop, we make knitted cushions that was designed your pets. So,It may be used as a gift for those who have lost their pet.

presen who lost pets

What should we be careful of when giving a gift to someone who has lost their pets?

And what other gifts are available for pet loss people?

This time, consider a gift for someone who has lost a pet.

Precautions when giving a gift

pet loss gift

This is a cushion with an order made upon request.

The customer ordered a gift for a friend who lost her cat.

Customer’s friend had three cats, but one died.

If you want to give a gift for your friend who loses a pet, the recommended product depends on the friend’s mental condition.

In many cases, you will be pleased with tears.

But if the recipient of the gift is in a terrible pet loss or is mentally unstable, the gift can add to the sadness.

One day, a female customer came to our shop. She lost her dog and wanted to make this cushion. However, she said that she couldn’t make something like this because her husband absolutely cried.

We have experience of losing pet dogs, so we can understand the feelings of those who have lost their pets.

my dog

At first, it was a very complicated feeling to order a cushion as a gift for someone who lost their pet.

But everyone is very pleased.

And we may receive a thank-you message directly from the recipient.

When to give memorial goods

I think it is very difficult to give memorial goods to those who have lost their pets.

Because it depends on how sad your opponent is.

Please consider carefully while watching them.

In the case of our shop, Customers say that they want to deliver it as soon as possible when they give it to a family member or friend who has lost their pet.

In other cases, it may be used for birthdays or Christmas presents of people who have lost their pets.

Some people who lost their pets are cheerful even though they are lonely.

It would be good to make a gift that fits their feelings.

Memorable goods when a pet dies


pet memorial goods

In our shop, cushions are the most commonly used gift for condolences.

Customers can hug the cushion.

Some people have cushions where pets have always slept.

half blanket

half blanket

This product is cheaper than the cushion and is often purchased repeatedly as a gift.

lap blanket

presen who lost pets

Since this product is large in size, it is recommended if you want to design a large dog or make two dogs.

Other recommended gifts

In addition to the items made in our shop, we will introduce other recommended products.

Picture Frames

When a family pet dies, the whole family will be sad. Why don’t you buy a photo stand and display it in a place where the whole family can see it?

Photo album, photo book

pet's photo album

I think you have taken a lot of pictures of pets.

It is recommended to print them and put them in an album.

Photo album

Are there any shops that make photo books near your house?

I ordered a cat album from a local photo shop.

It became a treasure for me.

stuffed toy

Plush Doll of lost pet

This toy poodle looks very real, but it is actually a stuffed toy.

The texture of the body and arms, and even the fur are realistic.

Some are made to order with photos, but they are expensive. This toy poodle is an off-the-shelf item that you bought for around 6,000 yen, so it’s a good gift for your friends!

Remake of the relics

 Remake of the relics

How about processing the relics into something that can be carried around?

You can make a strap with pet hair, or put the remains in a capsule to make a pendant.

Some people make keychains by processing the collars and clothes they used.

An example of a gift for a person who lost a pet

Introducing our customers who used as a memorial gift.

People who order every time a pet dies

There are several customers who order many times, so I asked about the purpose of use.

They told me, “It is a gift for a friends who lost their pets.”

Some people are recruiting foster parents for rescued dogs.

Rescued dogs may have a short lifespan, and there will be more opportunities for bereavement with pets.

The person who received the present is pleased. That person may order additional items from our shop.

To friends in the same situation

We introduce customers who talked about their circumstances over the phone.

The customer and her friend both had cats so they quickly became friends.

They had no children. So, cats were as important as their children for them.

They shared their worries with each other.Parental care, their illness, and cats.

They were giving each other a cat product on their birthday.One day, the cat died.

A customer who wanted to do something for her friend found our shop while searching WEB and called us immediately.

cat's memorial goods

Several years have passed since then.She orders cushions, throws, etc. on the day of death.

Customer feedback

Customer who have ordered memorial gift for their family gave us a email after delivery. Now Introducing the content they submitted for review.

I appreciate your kindness at this time.
A birthday present for a younger sister who lost her pet dog.
Although it is a sudden order and the delivery time is short, I received it in time for her birthday.Thanks to you, it became a wonderful BD.
The moment I opened the blanket box for confirmation, I was already in tears.I think the knit made me feel very warm.
And my sister also looked at the footprints on the ribbon made of knit and said:
“Are you sure? Fairy?”
My sister cried before opening the box, and after opening, she cried with my mother, me, and my sister.
My sister was very happy and said, “I will cherish this.”
I am happy to have a nice present.I’m really thankful to you.
I would like to use it again if there is an opportunity

my dog memorial goods

Thank you for a nice cushion.I gave it to my daughter’s birthday gift.The family Luke who spent 16 and a half years passed away, and immediately requested a cushion.
Is it so early that she still can’t heal her sadness? I thought. But I wanted to increase Luku’s memories as the house that was designed for elderly dogs changes to human specifications day by day.
When she saw the cushion, she cried, saying, “It ’s Luku~”. And I cried too.The daughter is holding a cushion in the same way that she is holding Luke.Thank you for a wonderful present.



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