What do we say to someone who lost a pet?

Some of you may know that your friend’s pet has passed away via email or SNS.

What should we do in such a case?

pet memorial goods

The memorial goods we make are used as gifts for families and friends who lost their pets.

I have also lost my dog a few years ago.

So I heard from a customer how they felt when they lost a pet. And I thought about what kind of words I should tell when dealing with people who lost their pets.

What do we say to someone who lost a pet?

If you get a message from a friend that his/her pet has died, I think he/she is asking you for help.

If you can meet them, you will be pleased to be on the side.If you just listen to them by phone or email, they may be relieved.

What kind of words should we say at that time?

Words used in social situations to those who have lost their pet

If the person is a superior or a co-worker, I think the general language is good.

For example;

“lease accept my sincere condolences.”

“I am sorry to hear about your loss.”

It may be better not to use intimate words, especially if you haven’t talked to them about pet.

Be careful not to say inappropriate things.

If you like dogs and cats, how about asking the following?

“What kind of dog did you have?”

“What is your cat’s name?”

When we hear from our customers that they have lost their pets, we try not to listen to the details at first.And when the customer become speaking about lost pets, I listen to the story and try to hear more details.

Sometimes we get long thanks emails or phone call while crying.

I hope that our actions will save them.

Words used when close friend lost a pet

If your best friend or friend who has been talking about pets has lost a pet, it’s better that you should use words that are appropriate for that person.

“I know you have been nursed for a long time. It’s hard to say goodbye.”

“It ’s hard. Don’t overdo it now.”

These words vary depending on the relationship with the other party.

There are no recommended examples.

It is better to tell honest feelings.

It’s good hearing their feelings

If they are ready to talk, ask them about their feelings.And listen to their memories with their pet.

For example,

”How did you feel when you first met your pet?”

“How did you play with your pets?

If you talk to them about these things, they may feel a little more relaxed.

We have the opportunity to listen to their pet’s memories by phone or email.

Many customers cry while talking, but around the time when they finished talk, they feel a little better.

Response according to the situation

Depending on the circumstances under which their pet died last, the actions you should take will also change.

When a pet is sick and dies

One day the customer called me crying because she could not present at their pet’s deathbed. She has been taking care of her dog for a long time.

Her dog died at the hospital. She regrets not being able to stay with her pet.

I think , the pet would not have wanted to show the owner the moment he died.

I sad as follows,

“I think he is a kind dog. Maybe he didn’t want to show his suffering to you and he does not want to see you cry.”

I hope their heart of regret will be healed.

memory of my dog

In case of an accident or sudden farewell

We may suddenly find a pet disease. Or there is a sudden farewell due to a traffic accident.

In such a case, the owner is not ready, so it is very difficult to accept the farewell.

Sometimes pet’s owners blame themselves.

It ’s hard to accept a pet ’s death.

Please support those who are important to you.

Words that need attention

I have been told that “Cheer up quickly, Everyone who has lost their pets feels just as painful”

He would have said to encourage me. But, I felt left alone because I thought that I was the only person who was depressed so deeply.

I think the way of receiving is different for each person.Let’s be careful to choose the words based on the feelings of the other person.

When you can’t find a word

In our shop, we make cushions and throws with pet photos.

gift fro those who lost a pet

This product is used as a gift for those who have lost their pet.

after delivery the customer says “My friend’s pet died and was deeply saddened. I didn’t know what to say and encourage. I feel like such a gift reaches his heart.”

And another customer says “The cat I had in my family died. Especially my mother is deeply saddened. I couldn’t cheer up my mother no matter what I said. But when I showed my mother a cushion, she began to crying immediately. And she got well the next day.”

We receive many emails with similar content.

If you can’t find the words of encouragement those who lost a pet, why don’t you send memorable items?

When my dog ​​died

I will tell you about the time we lost our dog. Here are some of the happy and painful words I received at that time.

words touched my heart

The word that I was happy with was “Your dog lived long”.

We had an unusual dog. It was a Newfoundland dog.

my dog

There was an acquaintance who kept the same breed in the neighboring town, and we had a chance to play together and talk with each other.We were taught a lot of advice from him, how to care for illnesses, etc., and we were in a relationship of trust.

He told me “Your dog lived a long time”. And I was relieved to know that it was a duration of life.

Another person knew that we nursed a dog, so he said “The feeling that you care about your dog is transmitted.” The person also had a dog and had also lost his beloved dog, and when he said to me, “I understand my feelings,” I felt that my heart was saved a little.

The words that I was said

The hard words I was told was that

“Just a dog”.

“Even if you cry, it won’t help.”

People who said like this may have said to cheer me up. But I wanted them to give me time to grieve.


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