Ideas to leave pet mementos / What can we leave after the death of a pet dog / cat?

Our customers sometimes introduce us an idea to leave a pet mementos, so we will share it with you.

pet mementos

This is a cushion made in our factory, and we design a photo of the pet and make it with knitting.

What can be a pet mementos and how to store it

Customer talked about pet keepsake.

The memento is not just what the pets used. You can leave your pet’s own hair and nails as a keepsake. In addition, you can make goods using photos.

Here are some mementos we recommend.

Things used by pets

In general, many people keep a keepsake what pets have used.

You may have left leads, collars, clothes, etc.

The customers of our shop seem to decorate mementos at the altar. Or they attach it next to the photo.

If it is a small item, it may be displayed in an acrylic case. If you want to store it carefully, you can use a memorial-box. Memorial-boxes for pets are available on the market, and you can hold photos on the lid.

You will be able to display the memorial-box on a table or on a bookshelf.

At a Normal day you can keep memento out of sight, and take it out at an important time such as anniversary of pet’s passing.

Leave pet nails and hair as keepsake

cat's hair

This is the hair that came out after brushing the cat I have now.

If you have a lot of pet hair, you can make a felt and make a small doll that looks like a dog or cat.

Even after the pet’s death, you can leave it as a keepsake if you remove a little hair.

There are shops that use pet hair to make straps and make pendants using nails and bones.

Since my dog was a long-haired dog, hair loss was found around the room even after he died.

We didn’t have any merchandise such as memorial goods using hair at that time, so we had to dispose of it all, but now there are shops that use pet hair to make straps and pendants.

Hair and nails cannot be collected after the pet dies, so be sure to save them if you want to make something.

Remake clothes and collars in different things

I like sewing, so in the future I would like to remake something with the collar left by the cat.

I want to leave this collar and make a strap when my cat dies.

my cat

Original goods with a toy design

Rather than storing toys used by pets, you can make original goods that designed toy pictures.

dog's toy

Ponta loved this soccer ball toy.

I designed this toy and made a cushion.

dog's cushion

In this way, you can design and leave the memorial goods instead of leaving the memento as it is.

If you have already disposed of your toy, you can make it if you have a photo.


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