Gift for those who love cars or motorcycles

car's photo

One day, a woman called me.

“Next month my lover will have a birthday. So, I want to design and give a gift of his proud car.”

And we made this Amimono-Art.

Gift for those who love cars

with knitting.

my car original

from these yarns

material yarn

present for cars or  motorcycles lovers

We’re making a lap blanket that designed the customer’s car.

They present it to an precious person.

present for motorcycle lover


If your lover likes cars, why don’t you give them a custom goods designed his car?

If you want to choos a car-related gift

If you will choos a car-related gift, there is something you need to know, especially you’re not sure about the car.

In many cases, Car enthusiasts are particular about things related to their cars.

Even if it is a nice gift for one person, there are things that are not happy or usable at all for another person.

For example,Even if you give a drink holder to someone who has banned eating and drinking in his car, that is not appropriate.

Car related gift ideas

Here are some car-related gift ideas.

Think about what he will be pleased with.

key ring

key ring

I think the key holder (or key case) is good choice as a gift.

But in many cases, if he likes car, he already have a key ring.

I think it’s a good time to give a key ring to someone who buys a new car, and it might be a good choice for those who want to replace it with a new one soon.

But be careful as some people wear their favorite key rings.


I also recommend sunglasses presents.


This is something that has nothing to do with the car.

But many people wear sunglasses when driving a car, and if you say “Use it when driving a car,” he may be pleased.

If you are worried about whether the sunglasses look good, you can go with him to choose the sunglasses.

Choosing a car-related gift with him

If you want to give away car supplies and parts, you should always ask the him what he want or go to the store to buy them with him.

If you ask him what he want, he will be very pleased.

That word is a surprise present.

Suggest from yourself

For example, “Do you have anything you want for your next birthday?” It ’s also good to suggest it yourself!

For example, he might want a case to hold a iPhone or sunglasses.

If he is  a car enthusiasts, he might want to replace the handle with a wood grain.

Look for hobbies that come with the car

dose he have any hobbies other than car? Is there any place where he often go out by car?

Some would say they bought a new car to fulfill their hobby.

Some people who like camping may have bought a new car with lots of luggage.
In such a case, there is an option to give camping goods as a gift.

The most recommended gift is a photo collection of his car

photo collection book

This is a photo book made with my car photos.

This is a service that makes a photo book of photos taken with an iPhone or digital camera.

Ask your local camera shop or photo shop if they can make it.

Maker official goods

Actually, it seems that it is not known unexpectedly, but there are also original goods by car type that are sold by car manufacturers.

For example, there are Nissan Online Shop and HONDA Official Shop, so please have a look.

There are also fashion items.It is a design that seems to be unrelated to the car when ordinary people see it, but it has a logo or it is designed with an original color, so if you like a car you can see that it is a manufacturer immediately.

The product which designed a favorite car

We also recommend original goods designed for your car.

We propose original goods made with pictures of your car at our shop.

Would you like to make one gift for the world?

You can create a car or motorcycle without knowing it, and it will be appreciated by the gift recipient.

custom present car photo

As a gift for boyfriend who loves his car, how about this original goods.

if he loves car and often takes you on a drive, I think you want to give him a car-related present on his birthday. But if you don’t know about cars, you won’t know what to give.

Also, You can’t give it as a surprise gift. Because the car parts are expensive, and I think you should consult with him.

For those of you, I will introduce an original gift made with a picture of his car.

Original gifts made with photos of your car

Original car gifts

An original lap blanket made from a picture of boyfriend’s car.

You can decorate it in your room or use it as a lap blanket in the car.

lap blanket in the car.

There are several points to a successful surprise present.

First, most important point is exceeded the expectations of the other party. And he will impress with gifts he have never seen before.

Since this product is the original of his car, I make it after receiving an order. In other words, nobody in the world has ever seen this product, of course, a boyfriend.

The boyfriend who saw the lap blanket on car immediately realized that it was his car and will be impressed that it was made of knitting.

knitting motorcycle


We knit this thread to make a throw.


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