Birthday Present for dogs lover or cats lover.

What is the best gift for pet owners?

Amimono-Art makes custom goods with pictures of pet dogs or cats in Japan.

birthday present for dog or cat owner

If your famiry or lover has dogs, why do not you give a gift made of pet photos?

custom made goods dog photo knitting

This is a throw made from your photo with knitting.



Birthday Present for your Family

Our customers order these items as a birthday present for their family.

present for daughter who love dog

This is a photo sent from the customer after delivery.

This girl is the daughter of the customer.

Her mother presented her dog’s custom cushion as her birthday present.

When you receive this cushion, you will see that it is made of knitting.

present for cat lover

This is a birthday present for a wife who likes cats.

The customer sent us a photo after delivery.

cat's photo

Very beautiful cat.

If your wife loves cats, why don’t you give her a cushion made with a picture of her cat on her birthday?

When did you present these goods?

We asked the customer.

“When and who will you give these presents to?”

The customer responded as follows:

Mother’s birthday

The most common use was birthday presents for families.

In particular, there are many customers sending to mothers.

cat's cushion

For example, it is used as a birthday present for a mother who likes cats.

knitted cat

Birthday present for family who lost pets

If someone important to you loses a pet, what will you give on there birthday?

corgi original goods

The dog died one month before the order date.

It was made to leave in memories and used as a gift for the family.

dog's photo

Made with this photo.

This is a photo that the whole family likes.

Birthday gift for a lover

What is the best birthday gift for lover?

Sometimes flowers and accessories will be pleased.

But if your lover loves pets, how about presents these goods made with pet photos?

Birthday gift for a lover

Our customers comment like this:

“This cushion was the most delightful of all the gifts I’ve ever presented to her.”

Introduction of works used as gifts for people who like pets


toy-poodle custom goods

The most popular dog types our shop is Toy Poodle.

Toy poodle customers often get additional orders after delivery. It may be given to another family.

And we sometimes ordered from a gift recipient.


Chihuahua photo goods

This is a pet chihuahua design lap blanket. And we make this blanket with knitting.

Some Chihuahua customers order at the same time every year.

Customer purchases lap blanket on his dog’s birthday anniversary.



border-collie goods


Those who order with border collie photos have a desire to design frisbees or balls together.


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